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Gaziantep Halı üreticisi
Gaziantep Halı üreticisi
gaziantep halı fiyatları

The most elegant way to add elegance and comfort to your home is hidden in the unique collections of LAMOS HALI! Our carpets, produced with years of experience and expertise, appeal to every taste and style.Modern, classic, vintage or minimalist…

Wholesale Carpet Factory​

Lamos Carpet Factory is your premier destination for wholesale carpet needs. As a leading wholesale carpet factory in Turkey, we offer a diverse range of high-quality carpets at competitive prices. Our extensive collection includes various styles, patterns, and sizes to suit any decor. With advanced manufacturing processes and strict quality control, Lamos ensures that every carpet meets the highest standards. Whether you’re a retailer or an interior designer, our wholesale options provide excellent value and exceptional craftsmanship. Experience the best in wholesale carpets with Lamos Carpet Factory, where quality and affordability meet.

gaziantep halı fiyatları
Gaziantep Halı Üreticisi ve Fabrikaları

Carpet Manufacturers and Factory in Gaziantep Turkey

Gaziantep, Turkey is home to some of the most renowned carpet manufacturers and factories, with Lamos Carpet Factory standing out as a leader in the industry. Known for its rich tradition and modern production techniques, Lamos offers a wide variety of high-quality carpets that cater to different tastes and needs. Our factory combines skilled craftsmanship with advanced technology to produce durable and aesthetically pleasing carpets. With a focus on both local and international markets, Lamos Carpet Factory ensures competitive prices and exceptional customer service. Discover the best in Gaziantep’s carpet industry with Lamos.

What are the Wholesale Carpet Prices from the Factory?

Lamos Carpet Factory offers competitive wholesale carpet prices directly from our factory. Prices vary depending on the type, size, and quantity of the carpets ordered. We provide discounts for bulk purchases and ensure high-quality products at affordable rates. For a detailed quote tailored to your specific needs, please contact our sales team through Our team is dedicated to providing you with the best prices and exceptional customer service.

En Yeni Halı Modelleri
Fabrikadan Toptan Halı Fiyatları Nedir?

Turkey's Biggest Carpet Manufacturer and Factory

Mosque Carpets​

Mosque carpet models and patterns are carefully designed to add an aesthetic touch and peace to worship areas. While traditional models usually contain geometric motifs, floral patterns and elegant details of Islamic art, modern designs attract attention with simpler and minimalist lines. When choosing a mosque carpet, it is important to consider the size of the space, interior architecture and color harmony. Mosque carpets made of quality materials offer long-lasting use by providing durability and comfort. With different size and pattern options, it is possible to find a suitable model for every mosque. For more information and options, you can visit

Gaziantep Halı üreticisi

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Who are we?

Our company, which started to produce acrylic yarn in 1990 as ÇEMEN TEKSTİL GRUP and has been producing for years with the latest technology machines and teams specialized in their fields, offers elegance and quality to our consumers under the brand name of LAMOS HALI.
gaziantep halı

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Yes, Lamos Carpet Factory produces wholesale.

Gaziantep wholesale carpet production prices vary depending on the product type and order quantity.

Lamos Carpet Factory carries out its production in its modern facilities in Gaziantep.

Yes, Lamos Carpet Factory provides services abroad.


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